College Football

Dear EA, Don’t Mess With College Football.

EA Sports is developing a College Football video game and Christian Comfort is slated for a summer 2023 release. College Football was one of the best video game franchises fans have been waiting for, so today we’re going to take a look at what it takes for the company to make sure it delivers. Don’t be like that

A great feature that gets you involved is the point spread coins that you drop during your game. We have a bunch of different ideas when we dive into it.

Enjoy Dynasty Mod.

One of the best things about previous College Football video game titles is the ability to create a family. Now with name, image and similarity deals that allow players to stay within the game, it has great potential to be one of the most innovative modes.

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The ability to practice playing within the game gives the player a lot to do, from just recruiting to creating a game plan. They can allow you to create a family and develop a group of players and use them as recruiting tools. Don’t make it feel like a repetitive mode and allow a bunch of different players and types to keep it fresh and a lot of fun.

Create a long-shot story that’s actually good.

EA Support is always trying to create and develop fit games with the popular Ballman. One idea was a game mode based on the name of Longshot, where the player is working for the NFL quarterback competition and competes with the same name to get that opportunity. However, the problem was clear: the mood isn’t great.

There is definitely an opportunity to listen to interesting videos for a College Football game because you can play high school football and recruit comfortably, shirt freshman full bench after a College Football game, and hammen. Trying to bring the biggest name at the national level with the trophy.

Interesting idea what the game could do is release this mode to tie in with the Madden game this year so that you can make your journey with the player on the field within the NFL when he gets drafted fun and not something cookie cutter. Cutter. Let’s actually influence decisions about what happens just to follow a linear story. A development to the value of this game is that there may not be a definitive game mode that has any element to the single-player mode.

Let’s make some bets.

When you talk about College Football, the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is the gambling aspect. Madden has MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) with its own currency so why not have an online game mode where it’s like betting because you have to spread a certain amount of coins or just move like a money line. It has to be applied. .

This game mode realistically needs some thought because the NBA 2k franchise has a “high roller” mode where you can bet virtual currency in a one-on-one game and the winner gets it. Why not as a way to do it where the game monitors foul play (glitching, hacking, players incentivized to win) to make sure it’s legit.


If you play Madden, you know what that means. Servers can be brutal at times and a game with a lot of hype around it means they have to have the server capacity to hold all the players and worry about losing the game due to the servers being down. Don’t do it. Don’t make it cheap because it can make or break the game.

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