Common misconceptions about virtual events

Scaling Your Event Marketing Programs In The New Virtual-Only Landscape


The emergence of virtual events in the world more clearly after the onset of epidemics. As we got older, it became necessary for us to move virtual events with the emotions of the corporate world. The idea of ​​such events is new today to expand the idea around the virtual event platform. Common misconceptions about virtual events are considered random and hopeless.

Here are some common misconceptions about helping you with our misconceptions about virtual events. After all, promoting corporate success and making the most of it is part of your business endeavor.


Myth 1 – No One Is Interested In Attending Virtual Events


Virtual events are easy, flexible and easily accessible. They also reduced travel expenses. As such, it forces most participants to choose more clearly than a physical event. More importantly, on a virtual event platform, participants are bound to feel more confident about connecting online with other corporate people from the comfort of their own home. Therefore, it is a common misconception that no one is interested in participating in virtual events. Some reports also suggest that the number of participants in the virtual event is higher than the number of offline users.


Myth 2 – Virtual Events Are More Effortful


Both physical and virtual events involve effort, energy and time. Whether it’s the registration process, smoothing out events, or inviting attendees, the process is long and requires a lot of attention. However, a virtual event can help simplify the process, and requires less manual labor and more automation.

This means that the risk of error is significantly reduced, and the scope of performance is increased. In addition, on virtual event platforms, events are easier to manage because there is less reliance on other people. Now you can customize the whole program from the comfort of your own home and still have the ability to add innovation.


Myth 3 – Virtual Events Involve Complexity


Many people who are not well versed in technology find it difficult to manage events on virtual event platforms. This is a widespread misconception. However, virtual events make it easier for you to focus on the organization as it transfers tasks from a team of experts to an online technical team. Tasks can also be properly linked to an organization that helps someone accomplish them without forgetting.


Myth 4 – You Can’t Monetize An Online Event


Most people find it difficult to monetize an online event on a virtual event platform. But this is not true. Today, many online sites provide a list of exhibitors and sponsors to work with. You can also promote your online event and make money through social media platforms, online banners, advertising and networking sites. You can also make the most of sponsorship gifts and prizes.

These are some of the common misconceptions about virtual events that we try to dispel. If you are interested in hosting a recent virtual event, keep that in mind.

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