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All Types of Different Beautiful Hairstyle Wigs ideas in 2022

Although wigs are available in a variety of textures, colors and styles, wigs are made in one of four ways depending on how they fit your scalp.

A 360 lace wig is attached around the wig. Lace makes the wig look natural and allows it to blend in with your natural hair. With the 360-degree design, you have a hairline that looks natural all around your head. This allows you to wear your wig in a ponytail, bun or any other updo style. Updo styles are not possible with some other types of human hair wigs.

Apply a full lace wig around the wig hairline to blend in with your natural hairline. This is the most natural looking wig type and allows you to wear any type of hair with your wig, including updo styles.

Ready-to-wear wigs have a set style and are meant to be worn in that style. These wigs are often made in such a way that the hairline is not visible. You don’t want to lift or re-style these wigs, because they are designed the way they are styled.

human hair wigs are applied at the front, so you have many styling options available. You can pull the hair back from the face and experiment with a half updo style with a lace front wig.

Synthetic wig styles

There is really no limit to the number of hairs that can be created with a synthetic wig. From short to long, curly to straight, literally any hairstyle is possible.

Like all things fashion, hairstyles and wig styles have evolved over time. Cleopatra’s sleek, straight pageboy style is still a hot look today. However, Marie Antoinette’s over-the-top updos with real jewelry definitely look vintage. Any hairstyle can be styled with a synthetic wig, but some styles are easier to find and more popular than others. Take a look at the most common and popular styles when considering which wig styles might work best for you.

Bob Wig

The classic bob is not a new hairstyle and yet, it somehow always looks trendy. This style is actually ancient. In Egypt, men and women are depicted with short, bobbed hairstyles. But the style really peaked in the 1920s, when the bob was embraced by women and the “flapper” was seen everywhere. Short hair showed a bit of rebellion among women, who were enjoying the right to vote and expressing many new freedoms through their clothing, makeup and hairstyles.

A bob is a short hairstyle, which usually falls in an even length from the scalp to the shoulders. Some bob hairstyles can have a little layer and shape and some can be curly or straight. The bob can be parted on one side or in the middle. It’s an extremely versatile haircut and its short length makes it easy to maintain and style, so the bob is a classic look that will probably never go out of style.

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Long curls, no bangs.

Long, curling hairstyles are very popular and have been popular for decades. In the 1960s and 1970s, flowing, free tresses symbolized carefree style and freedom, representing a sharp break from the short, structured hairstyles popular in the 1950s.

These hairstyles are cut with long layers to give them a bit of structure and give the curls some height. It creates a cascading curl effect that is very elegant and stylized. Long, curling styles without bangs often create a few short layers around the face to create a framing effect. These hairstyles can be styled with a middle part or a side part, although a middle part looks a bit more vintage. This was the look that was popular in the 1960s. Modern styles are usually styled with a part that’s at least slightly to one side or the other, but a middle part can work well for some face shapes, like heart-shaped faces.

Long layers with bangs.

Long, layered styles are definitely in right now. Layers rock a bit of length and long tresses, while bangs add some contrast. Wig styles that have bangs have the added bonus of looking more natural. You don’t have to worry too much about how your hairline looks when you have bangs.

This wig look is popular because there are so many ways to style it. Hair can be worn straight, wavy or curly. It’s always good to have options with wigs because sometimes, you want to switch things up a bit.

LA Wig Company makes it easy to find the exact wig you want. Here, you can find wigs according to hair length, style and hair type. This website makes it very easy for you to narrow down your search so you can start experimenting with son looks. They have a huge selection of styles, so you can think of many different hairstyles.

Pageboy wig

The classic pageboy is a very recognizable style with bangs and short to long lengths. A pageboy hangs straight down in one length and is usually worn straight, although curls and waves can be added for added texture. Bangs can be long or short. Usually, pageboys are parted in the middle but can be parted on either side to suit your face.

You can shop every style of wig at QTHair. There is a huge inventory of hair that you can search by texture, size and specific popular style. These wigs are extremely fashionable and affordable, so you can play with many different looks.

Pixie wig

A pixie cut is a fun, cute hairstyle that’s easy to wash and style and maintain. With the right pixie cut you can wash, dry and literally style your hair in minutes and look fantastic. This is a short haircut with multiple layers and the length can range from very short to thick.

Easy to maintain and as stylish as a wig, this is a fun option. Pixie cuts can be casual or glamorous as needed. Add a little hair jewelry, lighten up your style, there are many options you can try that don’t take much time. You can spend less time styling your wig and more time enjoying the looks you get while wearing it!

Human Hair Wig Styles

Human hair wigs are styled the way you style your own hair. They can be washed, shampooed and heat-styled just like your own hair. They also have the texture of real hair, so any standard styling techniques and products you’ve used in the past will work for these wigs. The human hair wigs can be cut and styled in literally any style, but there are certain styles that you’ll be more likely to see when shopping for your new hair. Will you choose one of these classic kits?

Blunt Cut wig

A blunt cut is a short, sleek style that has the same length. It falls in a sweep from the scalp to shoulder length below the chin. This cut can have bangs or not and can be parted anywhere. This cut is often worn straight but can be customized with waves or curls.

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Lob wig

A lob is a medium length cut with a few layers or a few long layers. It’s an asymmetrical cut that’s shorter in the back and slightly longer in the front. Lob hairstyles have no bangs or long, side-swept bangs. This hairstyle works well with both thin and thick hair textures, making it very stylish and possible. A lob is often worn straight but can also have some waves or curls to add volume.

The selection at is positively astounding. Search wigs style, color, hair type, texture, length or even feature. You can browse wigs that are for sale and even buy products to care for your wig. In other words, you can find any shape here. There’s even a selection of trendy wigs in the storefront so you can take a look at all the latest, most popular styles.

Short wavy bob

The short, wavy bob is a very low-maintenance and fun hairstyle that is very popular. It’s a beautiful, fresh look that’s easy to clean and style. It doesn’t take long to style this hairstyle throughout the day. Short, wavy bob hairstyles can be parted anywhere.

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Straight long, no bangs.

Long, straight hairstyles are popular because they are so versatile. Style this hair into a low bun, elegant topknot, long curls, mermaid waves or a stunning braid. You can do so much with a long, straight style without bangs. However, it can also be difficult to keep hair sleek and straight when you wear it this way. This hair needs a lot of care and products to keep it looking good.

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