Advertising Strategy: Turning To Eco-Friendly Products For Promotional Material

For years, promotional material has been one of the most effective advertising strategies for many brands and businesses. Giving away promotional material to their potential market will help to increase their brand awareness and get the recognition that the company and brand want. Furthermore, mass-producing promotional material is also not that expensive. That’s why this type of advertising is still done by many companies as of today. Everyone who works in the marketing and/or advertising sector is aware that a promotional material’s usefulness and purpose are essential to its efficacy.

The problem is that the massive production of promotional material creates bigger issues for our planet. There has been intense attention over its environmental impact given that it is a sizable material-based sector that includes anything from customized mugs, promotional bottled water, notebooks, keychains, and many other items.

Moreover, usually, companies prefer to choose a cheaper option for their promotional material, because they want to press the production cost in order to save up the budget. Thus, they prefer to use cheap materials when producing promotional items. Cheap materials, such as plastic, are one of the main suspects of ecological problems that have happened in our world.

Our world is currently grappling with an environmental catastrophe. Every industry has and will continue to encounter difficulties. There is no exception in the promotional products sector. With the current conditions that we often see, be it on the internet or on television, we know that maintaining our earth has become even more important now. Heavy floods, greenhouse emissions, and the decrease in marine animal populations are some of the effects of ecological problems.

To encounter this problem and make sure that companies can still receive the many benefits of advertising through promotional material, companies can take a proactive approach by using sustainable materials instead when producing their promotional items. Here are a few selections of green materials that are safe for our earth that you can use when producing the promotional items that your company might need.

Glass Products

By choosing glass products instead of plastic, you have contributed to reducing the production and usage of plastic products in the environment. You can produce a glass water bottle that has been specially designed with your company or brand logo. Not only are glass products more eco-friendly, but they also seem fancier than plastic ones. This will be the ultimate company gift, be it for your customers or business partners!

Bamboo Products

Bamboo is one of the plants that grow most quickly. Thus, you can use products made from bamboo as your promotional material. Offering reusable bamboo-based goods is an environmentally friendly substitute for plastic. Some of the options for promotional products from Bamboo are food containers, toothbrushes, and cutlery sets. Likewise, do not forget to put your company logo on it!

Aluminum Products

Aluminum is known for its sustainability. We can recycle aluminum for an infinite amount of time, and the quality of the aluminum won’t be affected. Because of its sustainability, aluminum is often referred to as the “green metal,” because it has the same effect as metal but is the least harmful to the environment. Thus you can produce reusable straws for this purpose! This will be especially useful, because many countries and cities have started to ban plastic straw usage to reduce plastic waste.

Customizable Cotton

Cotton is a natural textile that may be produced with significantly less abrasion than synthetic materials, they will also degrade more quickly. You can produce a sustainable tote bag made from cotton as your promotional product. Giving away cotton tote bags will have two major advantages for the earth. The first one -you used sustainable fabric to produce it, and in the second one, by giving away tote bags you have promoted the importance of bringing our own bag instead of using plastic when shopping.

Glass, cotton, bamboo, and aluminum are excellent substitutes if you want to produce a massive scale of promotional material. Instead of opting for a cheaper price and producing plastic-based products, think about what impact your company will leave behind. Is it a good kind of impact? Or something beneficial only to you but not to others?

By paying a little bit more, you have promoted your company as a sustainable and socially responsible brand. This may seem simple to you, but by doing so, you have successfully taken part in trying to educate people (your customers or partners) about why it is important to pay attention to our environment. This will leave a good impact on your company’s marketing strategies!

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